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‘Women Are Going to Save Us’: MSNBC’s Deutsch Says Election About Abortion, Democracy

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MSNBC commentator Donny Deutsch argued that abortion rights and democracy will be the defining issues of the 2022 midterm election, motivating women to vote for Joe Biden.

He said candidates need to emphasize how women’s healthcare and right to live as they choose are at stake.

Deutsch said, “We talked about it a few days ago, that if he takes over, just look at what happens. That you could be a CEO of a company, and your daughter could tweet something negative about Trump and he could go after your company.”

Deutsch claimed the economy is not the most important issue and that emotionally resonant messages about gut issues like abortion are needed.

He added, “It is not the economy stuid, it is abortion and democracy. It is guttural issues. It is right brain issues. Women are going to save us. I think Biden could stand from the rooftop and hire the smartest guy in the world, guys like me to tell the economic story, it is not registering. You have to hit people in the gut. And you have to hit women and say your health care is being taken away. Your right to live the way you want is being taken away and you have to hit democracy.”

He criticized wealthy people who support overturning election results or rolling back abortion access just for tax breaks or access to places like Mar-a-Lago, saying they fail to understand what is at stake for democracy and future generations’ ability to vote and access healthcare.

According to Deutsch, abortion rights and the threat to democracy will galvanize women voters and help Democrats in the midterms.

Deutsch said, “Not only CEOs, and I said this also, that any wealthy person who has enjoyed what this country has to offer, who has benefited. They’re the ones that make me sick. That wait a second, you’re willing to blow it all up just because maybe you’re tax break or you want to go to Mar-a-Lago or whatever it is. Those are the people, shame on you.”

“Shame on you for not understanding what is at stake. That you don’t care if your kids could vote again. That you don’t care if your granddaughter might have to go to another state or not be able to get an abortion period. Shame on you. Just for the buck. And those are people that make my skin crawl.”

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