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Joe Biden Breaks Public Support for ‘Skilled’ Migration

via CBS
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A recent AP poll shows declining support for legal immigration of skilled/white-collar workers amid Biden’s border surge.

Support for “major benefits” from such migrants dropped from 59% in 2017 to 41%, with opposition rising from 20% to 28%. Declines were seen among both Democrats and Republicans.

This suggests an opportunity for GOP candidates who oppose outsourcing and advocate protecting US jobs and workers.

Separate Rasmussen polling found 64% oppose importing more skilled foreign labor versus 23% support.

Since the 1990s, over 1.5 million skilled visa workers have entered US jobs, often at lower pay, in hopes of green cards.

However, this has led to massive losses of US white-collar jobs and salaries.

A Wall Street Journal article detailed a lawsuit against an Indian firm for firing Americans to import cheaper Indian replacements.

Overall the polls indicate declining tolerance for skilled immigration programs that disadvantage US professionals.

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