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Donation Records Reveal Stunning Detail About Trump, Biden Campaigns

via The Young Turks
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President Biden is raising most of his reelection funds from large donors, in contrast to Trump who relies more on small donations.

Biden has received 35% of funds from donations over $2,000 compared to just 9% for Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump gets 61% from small donations of $1-200 while Biden gets 38%. Biden held a $26 million New York fundraiser with tickets up to $25,000.

“A coalition of States sues Defendant Biden, as well as co-defendants the Department of Education and Secretary of Education Miguel Cordona, to stop a second attempt to avoid Congress and pass an illegal student debt forgiveness,” the lawsuit stated.

“Just ten days after the Supreme Court’s rebuke, Defendants released a Rule purporting to abolish at least $156 billion in student debt, with a new ‘SAVE Plan’ as its centerpiece,” it said.

11 Republican AGs sued to block Biden’s new student loan forgiveness plan in Kansas court, calling it unlawful overreach without congressional approval.

The plan would cancel $156 billion in debt, but the Supreme Court had struck down Biden’s prior $430 billion plan in the summer.

“President Biden’s new student loan forgiveness plan is slightly smaller than the old one, at least for now. But it’s just as illegal,” Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach said.

The new lawsuit argues Biden lacks authority to create the program unilaterally, exceeding his powers to the point of being able to cancel all student debt by rule.

The lawsuit stated, “The authority that Defendants claim now lacks any substantive limits and amounts to claiming that they can abolish all student debt at any time by rulemaking alone.”

“Indeed, as the Defendants scrape ever deeper into the barrel for legal pretexts to abolish student debts, the illegality of those artifices becomes more obvious,” it said.

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