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Biden’s Judge Nominee Backs Ban on ‘Assault Weapons’ Despite Being Unable to Define Them

via Forbes Breaking News
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During her confirmation hearing, 7th Circuit Court nominee Nancy Maldonado was questioned by Sen. John Kennedy about supporting Illinois’ “assault weapons” ban.

Maldonado had signed a brief arguing such weapons could be banned as too dangerous for self-defense.

However, when Kennedy pressed her to define “assault weapon,” Maldonado said she was “not a gun expert” and could not remember the exact definition.

Kennedy said, “You said, ‘Assault weapons may be banned because they’re extraordinarily dangerous and are not appropriate for legitimate self-defense purposes.’ Tell me what you meant by ‘assault weapons’?”

Kennedy noted she had submitted a brief calling to abolish something without knowing what it was.

Kennedy said, “So you submitted a brief, an appellate brief, you signed it, and you don’t know what … and you said, ‘Abolish assault weapons,’ and you don’t know what you wanted them to abolish?”

Maldonado said she could not “remember the exact definition of assault weapons.”

The exchange exposed Maldonado’s lack of knowledge regarding the term “assault weapon” despite advocating a ban based on the classification.

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