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Another Gun Law From Democrats Bans 9mm Pistols with Threaded Barrels

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Colorado House Democrats are proposing an “assault weapons” ban that would prohibit the sale of semiautomatic handguns with threaded barrels, regardless of caliber.

The bill language specifies any semiautomatic handgun that accepts a detachable magazine or can be readily modified to do so would be banned if it has a threaded barrel.

However, threaded barrels do not increase the rate of fire or bullet velocity; they are used with suppressors which are legal in Colorado, including for hunting due to their environmental benefits.

Suppressors are also legal to own in most other states.

The Democrats’ bill aims to ban common handgun models produced by major manufacturers that feature threaded barrels and detachable magazines.

Though marketed as targeting AR and AK-style rifles, the language serves to impose new restrictions on semiautomatic handguns as well.

The summary focuses on the key provisions and their practical implications.

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