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Fox News Hosts Slam MTG’s Motion to Vacate Speaker: ‘Yet Another Tantrum’

via CNN
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Conservative media figures criticized Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for filing a motion to replace Speaker Mike Johnson with a new leader.

On Fox News, Kayleigh McEnany and Emily Compagno slammed the move as selfishly distracting from important issues and a waste of time.

They argued Greene was taking attention away from border security and the 2024 election to engage in a “tantrum” and possible fundraising exercise.

“I feel we are seeing yet another tantrum by a tiny fraction of that conference that is disrupting the entire machine that we just exhaustively waited for to get back on track. And here we are again watching someone steal the time, steal the audio, steal the limelight, steal the attention,” Compagno said.

Compagno added, “She says we should have our attention on the illegals streaming across the border, on a million other things, no, our attention was on you while you gave a presser. I am sick and tired of it as a Republican, as an American citizen. I want them to get to work. I love Speaker Johnson, who would be better than him MTG? What is your plan? And I don’t want my legislature taking two days up to vote for that, to figure everything out, to look incompetent during a presidential election year. This is the last thing I want to be subjected with, this is, it’s frankly — at a minimum it’s disappointing.”

“There’s a great irony here Carly, as I’m listening to Marjorie Taylor Greene, I hear her say that there’s a video that everyone is focused on — that video is of illegal immigrants rushing the border. It is a video about six minutes ago we were set to play,” McEnany said.

“It is a video that you are not seeing right now because instead we are talking about Marjorie Taylor Greene. It raises this question, she didn’t make this live so nothing happens for two weeks, is this a fundraising exercise so you can go back to the district for two weeks and fundraise off of it? What’s the motive here? You not in her head, but what’s the motive?” McEnany asked.

Meanwhile, Greene defended her action by arguing the country needs strong conservative leadership to fight Democrats and address crises at the border and with inflation.

However, Johnson’s spokesman said the Speaker’s focus remains on governing and passing conservative legislation.

“Short or getting the vote is necessary how can you find someone to succeed Mike Johnson who can get the votes and keep the conference together and not plunge the chamber into chaos? It because the country is in crisis. We have a border invasion happening every single day. People under 30 years old has lost hope for their future. The younger generations cannot afford to buy homes, and inflation is running rampant,” Greene said.

“Our country is in crisis and we need real leaders who know how to fight and know how to walk into the ring and do not get rolled by the deep state, or by the Democrats do not get rolled into doing whatever it takes to maintain that power and position. We need to speak of the house that actually represents the people. This is not Washington, D.C., this is the people’s house. Warning sign but you bottom line wants Johnson out,” she added.

The House will not consider Greene’s motion until returning from recess in mid-April.

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