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Obama jumps in to help Biden defeat Trump again

via The Verge
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Barack Obama spent several hours visiting Joe Biden at the White House, where they discussed campaign strategy and filmed content for upcoming efforts.

Obama believes the 2022 election will be very close and wants to help ensure Biden’s victory, seeing it as critical to preventing Donald Trump’s return.

“We have the chance to do even more, but that only happens if we send Joe and Kamala back to the White House in November,” Obama said. “So, we’ve got to keep working.”

He has committed to fundraising and campaign appearances leading up to November.

Obama, Biden and Bill Clinton will make a rare joint appearance at a New York fundraiser, underscoring the stakes.

“No one can speak to disillusioned Democrats better than President Obama,” an unnamed senior strategist stated. “But there are limits to what Obama can do. The burden to win this race is still on President Biden.”

As the most popular national Democrat, Obama will focus on motivating key voting blocs for Biden.

While he can’t guarantee victory, Obama plans an aggressive schedule starting in fall to mobilize voters.

He has been a major fundraising draw and adviser for Biden’s campaign, signaling his full support for helping his former VP win a second term.

“President Obama once said to me that every president is a reflection of the previous president, and he’s right,” said Jim Messina, Obama’s 2012 campaign manager. “Trump was the complete opposite of Obama, and Biden is the complete opposite of Trump. Being the president of the United States means you’re part of a small club; there is no other group of people whose red flags about the direct threat of Donald Trump should be taken more seriously.”

“He has been generous with his time, and he has made it very clear that he is all in on this campaign,” an unnamed adviser said.

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