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Transgender ‘Treatments’ for Children One of the ‘Greatest Ethical Scandals in Medical History’: French Report

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A French Senate report commissioned by a center-right party found that sexually transitioning children through medical interventions will likely be seen as one of the greatest medical scandals.

The report argued there is little evidence puberty blockers and hormones improve children’s well-being, yet their use has increased dramatically.

Sexually “transitioning” children will be known as one of the “greatest ethical scandals in the history of medicine,” the French senators stated.

It noted many transition-seeking youth had preexisting mental illnesses or trauma.

The report criticized the lack of long-term studies on puberty blockers’ impacts and side effects.

“When we realize that certain health professionals or researchers no longer talk about men and women, that they have completely appropriated the woke dialectic by talking about sex assigned at birth, it’s scary. I say to myself, we have to stop with these delusions,” Senator Jacqueline Eustache-Brinio wrote.

It warned of “wokeism” influencing the medical field’s views on gender.

“Ultimately, there is every reason to believe that youth gender transition will be considered one of the greatest ethical scandals in the history of medicine. An ethical scandal approved by the medical profession, schools, universities, media and policies,” Eustache-Brinio said.

The party plans legislation banning transition procedures for under-18s, arguing children cannot consent to life-changing decisions.

While respecting minorities’ rights to live as they choose, the report concluded outside social pressures should not impose views on children or families regarding transgender identities.

“I have nothing against minorities,” Senator Eustache-Brinio said. “Everyone has the right to live as they want, but they must not impose their points of view, their desires and their wishes on a majority or the vast majority of people. Trans people have always existed in all societies, what we want is the protection of minors and helping parents to resist social pressure. It is not supporting a child towards a transgender identity that will make them feel better.”

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