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Gen. Michael Flynn: Deep State at War with ‘America and the American People’

via PBS
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General Michael Flynn discussed his upcoming documentary “Flynn: Deliver the Truth. Whatever the Cost”, which details his rise in the military and subsequent persecution.

Flynn argued the “Deep State” is at war with both Trump and America, and that as National Security Advisor he started investigating things he knew about from his intelligence career that threatened the “swamp.”

“The first part is really about my life and service to the military” and how he rose to the levels he reached, Flynn said. The second is “really about the persecution and the resurrection.”

“Really, it’s a story of survival. And it’s a story of hope,” he said.

Regarding the Deep State, Flynn noted that “they’re not just at war with Donald Trump.”

“They’re at war with America and the American people. So I want to sort of emphasize that, you know, ‘Why me?’ And I do describe this in the film because you don’t get to leading one of the largest intel agencies in the world, which I did, you don’t get to being the national security adviser, chosen by a duly-elected president of the United States of America, which I was, I mean, you know, without having your act together, and then, of course, I served five years in combat overseas against foreign enemies,” Flynn said. “The biggest enemies that I faced was right here at home.”

“So, ‘Why me?’ The things that I had done in the latter part of my military career do sort of tell a little bit, and I talk a little bit about this, tell a little bit of a story about ‘Why me?’ when I helped Donald Trump become president of the United States and I was chosen to be his national security adviser,” he said.

Flynn maintained on January 5, 2017 people in the Obama administration met to start a “coup” against Trump, requiring they first target Flynn.

“I started immediately digging into things that I knew about, right? When people say, ‘Flynn knows where the bodies are buried,’ that is a metaphor for the things that I was aware of as not only the head of one of the largest intel agencies in the world — I also worked at the director of national intelligence level — but as I got into the transitioning into the White House, I started to ask questions that I knew the answers to, and I wanted to find out, you know, who was actually doing some of these things, right?” he added.

“And I learned that — this was before I was pushed out of the White House,” Flynn said. “The people inside the White House were as bad as the people around the White House, too.”

“And I do bring that out in the movie … there were people around Donald Trump as well as those that were part of this Deep State, and now we all see it for what it is, which is, you know, a uni-party, you know, RINOs, whatever you want,” he said.

He believes incredible evidence in his case has since exposed the truth of efforts to take down both himself and Trump.

Through his film, Flynn aims to further reveal this truth about the Deep State that he says remains at war with the country.

“And when I started to look into it as the national security adviser — because you really do have sway over the State Department, the intelligence community, and the Department of Defense as the national security adviser, and that’s what I think people don’t realize. And in that role, I would have had extraordinary authority and power to be able to work with a president, in this case, President Donald J. Trump, to be able to do the things that he said he wanted to do, you know, drain the swamp,” he said.

“And I mean that very precisely. And that is the day they made the decision to get Flynn, and in order to get Trump, they had to get Flynn, and we now have all this — incredible levels of evidence that has been exposed, principally through my case,” he added.

“And what I’m going to do with this film — — is I’m going to expose some of that truth,” he said.

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