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Fox Contributor: Republicans Need to Stop Nominating ‘Lunatics’ to Win Elections

via FOX
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Marc Thiessen argued that for Republicans to achieve their policy goals like cutting spending, they need to win more elections by nominating candidates who can appeal to the general electorate, not just in Republican primaries.

He said the current House Republican majority has been a “dysfunctional embarrassment” as they struggle to elect a Speaker with their one-vote control.

Guest host Rich Edson said, “Are we going to have another few weeks of trying to elect a speaker?”

Thiessen asserted Republicans must understand the limits of their influence over just half of one branch of government and suggested the way to enact change is by nominating more widely electable candidates, regaining Senate and White House majorities rather than continually chaotic intraparty fights that impose little real policy impact.

Thiessen said, “God help us. The House Republican majority is a dysfunctional embarrassment. I mean, Speaker Johnson didn’t ask for this job. He stepped up when the House couldn’t elect a replacement for Kevin McCarthy. He’s trying to manage unmanageable conference.”

He added, “Republicans need to understand that they control one half of one branch of government and now they’re gonna control it by one vote. You can’t impose your will on the entire government when you have one half of one branch of government with one vote.”

Thiessen added, “I wanna cut spending, too. I wanna do all these things. If you wanna to do that, there’s a simple way to do it. Win elections. Don’t nominate lunatics. Get people who can actually win a general election – not just the Republican primary. Take back the Senate, take back the White House. That is how Biden got the spending though so if you want to cut the spending that is how you get to do it. You can’t do it by having this eternal chaos.”

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