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CNN anchor who was dramatically fired last year doesn’t rule out returning

via Brian Tyler Cohan
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Don Lemon said he would “never say never” to returning to CNN in the future now that most of those involved in his ousting from the network last year are gone.

Lemon was abruptly fired in April after clashes with co-hosts and controversy over comments he made.

“Would you ever go back to CNN?” Mediaite’s Aidan McLaughlin asked.

He said working daily again depends on the terms but seemed open to returning under the right offer and being able to continue his new digital show.

“Look, I would never say never,” Lemon said. “Most of the people who were involved in my ousting are gone. And so it’s kind of the place that it was, you know, before I got there. So that would be interesting.”

“It depends on the terms,” Lemon said. “Do I want to be wedded to a show five days a week? I don’t know if I want to do that… I was five days a week, two hours- that’s what I was set for. And I didn’t realize, like, I was killing myself. It’s exhausting.”

Lemon added, “If another network called, it would depend on the terms… I don’t think I would want to do something every single day, but maybe. It depends on the terms and if it’s a great offer, I might go back, but I would still like to continue to do The Don Lemon Show in some form or fashion if that were to happen.”

Lemon’s firing came from then-CNN CEO Chris Licht, who himself was later fired amid leadership changes.

Lemon pointed to Jeffrey Toobin being welcomed back as a guest after his own scandal, suggesting a CNN return is possible as the network’s leadership and situation has changed significantly since his departure.

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