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Pelosi: You Wouldn’t Allow Trump in Your House Much Less the White House

via CNN
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Nancy Pelosi said voters would not let Donald Trump in their own homes, so they should not let him in the White House again.

When asked if Trump should receive intelligence briefings as the presumptive Republican nominee, Pelosi said she hoped he would commit not to share sensitive information as past experience has shown he may share it inappropriately.

Anchor Dana Bash said, “I want to ask about the idea that Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee for president. U.S. intelligence agencies are reportedly preparing to share classified briefings with him. You’re of course, former ranking member of the Intelligence Committee, Speaker of the House, should Donald Trump received the briefings?”

Pelosi referenced Trump sharing information with the Russian foreign minister in the Oval Office previously.

Pelosi said, “You have 30 years of intelligence experience in the Congress, this information is very important and it is important for it not to be shared. So I hoped they would get some commitment from him as they do from all of us when we get briefed that they and they understand the importance of this information and that it not be shared. So I hope they get some commitment from him.”

She added, “The experience has not been positive with him, but hopefully those advising him would say grow up live up to your responsibilities. Don’t share this width of Russian foreign minister as he did in the Oval Office of before.”

Pelosi argued there is something wrong with Trump and questioned how voters concerned with issues like abortion rights or LGBTQ rights could vote for him.

Pelosi added, “There is something wrong here. There’s something wrong here. So I just say with all the respect in the world for voters and their right to make their decision weigh these equities. How much are you concerned about women having the right to choose or LGBTQ people having the right to their lives that you would vote for him?”

She concluded that while candidates receive briefings, Trump should be held to the same standards as others in handling sensitive national security information, which past experience has not shown him to respect.

“You wouldn’t even allow him in your house much less the White House. So in any event the yes. I think he should get the information, but because he is a candidate for president, but he should be held to a standard that the rest of us all had been,” she said.

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