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Judge Cannon Exposes The 2024 Election Interference Efforts Against Donald Trump

via Tim Scott
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Donald Trump faces multiple legal cases that have been criticized as politically motivated. Regarding classified documents, Judge Cannon raised issues with Trump being prosecuted under Espionage Act while Hillary Clinton was not.

A $354 million civil penalty against Trump from a judge who donated to his opponent was called an abuse of power.

“If Fulton County simply accepts the decision and moves forward, it should have very little impact,” attorney Andrew Fleischman said.

“Much of the same conduct is covered in the RICO count already, it doesn’t have a meaningful impact on punishment, and frankly, it was already really hard to prove that Donald Trump intended to cause elected officials to violate the constitution,” Fleischman said.

The Fulton County racketeering case against Trump over a phone call lacks evidence he intended anyone break law.

Judge Chutkan in DC has taken actions against Trump without due process.

The New York hush money case over Stormy Daniels was declined for years but picked up after Biden officials got involved.

Legal experts argue these cases are weak and meant to damage Trump for political purposes, with convictions likely getting overturned after the election is over.

“That’s a made-up case. He should be investigated for bringing that case,” Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said. “Nobody in history has ever been charged with failing to disclose in a corporate form the fact he paid hush money. The reason you pay hush money is not to disclose it. Alexander Hamilton paid hush money.”

“This is the first case in history anybody has ever been tried on this kind of made-up case, so it’s the weakest case of all, and now he is prepared to have a delay, but that case may get tried first, and it’s New York so there will be a conviction in Manhattan, you know, a jury in Manhattan will convict a ham sandwich if its name is Trump,” Dershowitz added. “So I think there will be a conviction and, very likely, a reversal on appeal, but the reversal on appeal may not come until after the election.”

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