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MTG: Hunter Biden Did Not Deny Joe Biden Is the ‘Big Guy’

via CBS

Hunter Biden did not deny that President Joe Biden is the “big guy,” according to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Hunter acknowledged that Joe Biden was referred to as the “big guy” in an email about a business deal with a Chinese Communist Party entity, but denied that the deal involved a ten percent cut for his father.

“At one point, we asked Hunter about the ten percent for the ‘big guy’,” Greene said. “We showed him the email that that it laid it all out.”

“And he said, ‘Oh, that was after my father left office.”

“Hunter said, ‘When it came down to the agreement that we signed,’ he said, ‘there was no percentage for my father in the business,’” Greene said.

“He was saying it’s totally normal for your parents to call you,” Greene said. “He just totally kept on saying, ‘Oh, this is normal. This is normal.’”

Hunter claimed that he joined the board of Burisma Holdings to defend democracy and counter Russian aggression, a reasoning not previously disclosed.

“He said he was picked to serve on Burisma ‘s board to defend democracy and Burisma was stopping Russian aggression,” Greene said.

Greene warned of a potential Russian disinformation hoax involving Hunter Biden and the 2024 election, suggesting it could be used to attack Republicans and protect the Biden family.

“I have a prediction that they’re gonna move it on to members of Congress like me and others, Jim Jordan, Jamie Comer, any of us that got hot and heavy on this Ukraine Burisma stuff, that they’re somehow going to say that Republicans are Russian sympathizers,” Greene said.

“They’re gonna call me that anyway, because I won’t fund the Ukraine war. They’re probably going to accuse us of being Russian sympathizers and falling for Russian disinformation and its election meddling. And then Democratic members of Congress here already saying they will not certify Trump’s election if he wins.”

“It was there’s a really weird theme in there with the whole Russian thing,” Greene said.

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