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Comer drops bombshells on Biden business probe: ‘Very concerning’ details emerge

via ABC
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The House Oversight Committee, led by Rep. James Comer, is intensifying its investigation into the Bidens’ business dealings, uncovering patterns of communication and financial transactions.

Concerns have been raised about the Bidens receiving millions from foreign entities, particularly in Russia and China, with allegations of influence-peddling and lack of transparency.

The investigation also questions the Biden family’s ties to Chinese interests and their potential impact on American industries.

Rep. Comer said, “I think we’ve established a pattern, a pattern that Joe Biden did communicate with every single person that wired his family millions of dollars. We’ve uncovered a pattern that they were selling the brand.”

“There’s no buying businesses when the media says Hunter Biden and Jim Biden owned an energy company, they didn’t own an energy company. They owned an influence-peddling scheme. That’s all this is,” he continued.

“That [sanctions] looks like a policy decision that Joe Biden made in return for millions of dollars that his family received from an adversary,” added the lawmaker.

Rep. Comer claimed to have “firm evidence that the Bidens took millions of dollars from a shady character in Russia.”

Comer criticizes the Bidens for what he perceives as hypocrisy and lack of accountability, accusing them of evading scrutiny from various government agencies.

The Kentucky GOP representative insisted that the Bidens “failed to say one single thing they did to receive that money.”

He emphasized, “At the end of the day, we know the Bidens have taken, you know, over $20 million from our adversaries around the world.”

“I’ve never seen such hypocrisy on anything in politics,” he exclaimed.

Comer added, “What the Bidens are trying to say to please their left wing liberal base and what they were trying to do in the private sector to profit from the Chinese Communist Party is daylight and dark.”

Comer said, “They paid Hunter Biden millions of dollars. They were expecting Joe Biden to be a 10% owner, was to implement the Belt and Road Initiative in the United States, take over American energy, take over American manufacturing, buy American farmland.”

He explained, “That’s what we are trying to get China not to do in the United States.”

The intelligence community is implicated in allegedly covering up Biden family activities, further complicating the investigation.

“What we found in this investigation over the past seven or eight years, the Biden family has been investigated by the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS, the Securities and Exchange Commission. The list goes on and on of government agencies that have investigated this family for fraud, for financial crimes.”

Comer insisted, “All I’m trying to do is get the truth to the American people.”

He concluded, “I think the American people deserve the truth, and they haven’t been given the truth by the mainstream media or by our government agencies.”

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