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Rep. Tom Tiffany: If Trump Wins Wisconsin, He Will Win the Election

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Rep. Tom Tiffany predicted that if former President Donald Trump wins Wisconsin in 2024, he will win the presidency overall.

Tiffany argued voters in his district and state support Trump because they don’t want America “destroyed” or “fundamentally changed” as Democrats pursue.

Rep. Tom Tiffany said, “[This] whole nomination process is over.”

“And they will continue to vote for Donald Trump. They understand. You say, Barack Obama, what he said in 2008 and 2009 is I’m going to transform America. In other words, fundamentally change America. And that’s exactly what’s going on here in his third term, with a guy named Joe Biden at the top,” he continued.

“And the people have said, we don’t like your idea of transformation. And many of those people from 2008 to 2012 turned, and then they continue to turn from what was a blue district to a red district. I got 62 percent of the vote last time. These people are good Americans, and they don’t want America destroyed,” he said.

He stated Wisconsin is a true battleground state.

Tiffany criticized Democrats for circumventing the state’s photo ID voting law, which has strong public support.

While some election integrity concerns have been addressed, like banning private funds and ballot drop boxes, Tiffany said more needs to be done like restricting ballot harvesting.

“And by the way, if Donald Trump wins Wisconsin in 2024, he will win the presidency. If he doesn’t win Wisconsin, it’ll be much more difficult to be able to do it. We are the battleground state. And I can’t wait for the competition here in 2024 to try to bring Wisconsin home for the Republicans and for Donald Trump,” explained Tiffany.

“When I was in the state legislature, we put in place a requirement for photo ID, which the public agrees with by an 80-20 margin. And they’re trying always to circumvent that photo ID requirement. For the life of me, I don’t understand why Democrats don’t want photo ID,” he exclaimed.

“It should be easy to vote, but hard to cheat,” he added.

Rep. Tiffany said, “Ballot harvesting and things like that, those things need to be changed, and they need to go away. But we also cannot use this as a crutch for going out and doing the hard work of convincing people they should vote for Republicans.”

He concluded Republicans can’t rely only on election issues and must convince voters through grassroots outreach.

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