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Trump’s RNC Power Play Nears Purge

via Guardian News
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The Republican National Committee (RNC) is undergoing significant changes as Ronna McDaniel steps down from her position at the end of February due to losing support from Donald Trump.

Trump is pushing for a new slate of loyalists to take over top positions within the party, aiming to purge anti-Trump elements from the RNC.

“I think within 30 days you’ll see a purge of staffers from the RNC, because it’s a hotbed for anti-Trumpism,” former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon said. “That’s the open secret.”

“I think there will be a whole new 168, and they’ve been working around the country to make it a full Trump 168,” an inside source stated. “Trump’s gonna make his own rules here, and he wants his own people in there.”

The new leadership, including Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump, is focused on transforming the RNC to be more aligned with Trump’s agenda, emphasizing fundraising and campaign experience.

“Lara Trump as the solution is a joke,” a former Trump 2020 campaign official said.

“She’s not there to be an asset to the RNC, she’s there to be Trump’s eyes and ears,” the former official said.

“GOP donors are in full panic mode over the possibility of Lara Trump” being RNC co-chair, one Republican operative said.

Trump’s influence over the party remains strong as he navigates financial challenges and seeks to transfer more RNC funds to state party organizations.

While opinions on the new leadership vary, there is optimism within Trump circles and the RNC about the changes ahead.

“The RNC needs someone who can rack in the dough for Trump,” the operative said. “She ain’t it.”

“I actually think she’s very competent and I think she’s smart and would learn quickly, the same as Ronna did,” one inside source said. “In that position, one of her biggest things would be raising money, and she would have Trump’s contacts. It bothers me a little bit that it’s nepotism, but I guess that’s how his world runs.”

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