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Kemp Urges Voters Not To Be ‘Distracted’ By Trump Case

via CNN

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp urged Republicans to stay focused on policy issues and not get distracted by Donald Trump’s criminal prosecution, noting the case is unlikely to reach trial before the 2024 election.

While some want to discuss the case, Kemp said Republicans should instead focus on selling their vision for the country.

“I would just tell you that six months, eight months ago, I never thought this case would go to trial, before the election,” Kemp said. “And I think most people think that’s the case now.”

He warned that losing elections can have serious consequences, like policies that have led to problems at the border.

“So, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t think voters should get too distracted on all of this and just stay focused on what’s at hand, going into November, and let Judge McAfee make his ruling,” he said.

“I think, looking back, I mean, take the border for instance, right now,” he said. “The reason the border is a disaster is because we didn’t win the 2020 election, at the presidential level. We got beat. We lost the election. Therefore, you’re seeing bad policies that have created a disaster, at the border.”

By focusing on the economy, COVID response, education and public safety in his re-election, Kemp was able to avoid distractions and win.

He encouraged the same strategy for the presidential race.

“So, it’s imperative that you win to be able to get into positions, like I’m in, where you can actually govern. And if you look at my re-election campaign, I mean, look, there was plenty of distractions, people trying to talk about this issue or that issue,” he added. “And we kept telling the people of Georgia, what we’re going to do for them, what our record was, like getting the economy going, coming out of COVID, not backing down to people that were pressuring us not to reopen or shut back down, and to keep our kids in the classroom, and not to defund the police, and go after bad criminal actors, and antifa, and other people that were trying to burn down the City of Atlanta.”

“We didn’t get distracted on these other issues,” he added. “And that’s what we need to do, in the presidential election, in my opinion.”

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