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Liz Cheney Teases Possible 2024 Run

via CBS Sunday Morning
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In an interview, former Rep. Liz Cheney left open the possibility of entering the 2024 presidential election despite its advanced stage.

While declining to endorse any candidates, Cheney said defeating Donald Trump was her top priority and she would never support him.

Cheney said, “I haven’t endorsed anybody in this presidential race, certainly would never support Donald Trump.”

“And we know what Donald Trump will do, because he’s telling us every day. And anybody who has spent any time overseas, who has spent any time studying the history of autocracies and of autocrats knows we have to listen to what Donald Trump’s saying,” she continued.

When asked directly if she was still considering a run herself, Cheney did not rule it out, stating she had not made a decision yet and would do whatever necessary to defeat Trump.

Tapper asked, “Are you still considering it, or would you rule it out?”

“I haven’t made any decisions about it yet,” replied Cheney.

“I’m going to do whatever is necessary to defeat Donald Trump,” she added.

She expressed support for Nikki Haley over Trump in the GOP primary.

Cheney said, “I’m not going to make any announcements or endorsements this morning.”

She added, “But the most important thing is to defeat Donald Trump, and I will do whatever, whatever it takes to do that.”

Cheney’s remarks indicated she may still launch a bid focused on opposing Trump’s potential reelection, though she did not make any commitments and said her focus for now remained on preventing his return to the White House.

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