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Iran Forges Alliances with Latin American Leftists

via NBC News
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Iran reportedly has growing influence and terrorist activities in Latin America.

Iran has developed close ties with Bolivia, Venezuela, and Cuba, including military cooperation agreements.

Iran has also provided drones and missiles to Venezuela’s armed forces.

Joseph Humire, executive director of the Center for a Secure Free Society (SFS), said, “The Venezuelan Armed Forces are the first to have armed drones in their inventory, courtesy of Iran. As well as the shipment of Iranian-made precision-guided short-range missiles, probably to arm the drones.”

“All has been delivered under the guise of commercial cargo shipment. This has been Iran’s modus operandi, as it did with Yemen; now we are seeing it in the region,” he continued.

“This is the experiment. If it goes well, others will follow,” added Humire.

“After the collapse of the Soviet Union these three countries had a network in Latin America. Iran immediately came to pick up some of those pieces; China came later, but did the same, as Russia did as well, and instead of competing they ended up working together,” explained the executive director.

“Today, in terms of synchronization, there is no region in the world where these three countries have greater penetration than in Latin America,” he warned.

Humire said, “Iran would not be what it is today without China’s support, and China will hardly succeed without Iran’s help.”

“When China takes off the red panda mask it’s wearing, we will see its true interests. In the meantime, let Iran do the dirty work,” suggested Humire.

He warned, “Iran’s ambition is to have influence and military presence as it has in the Middle East. Obviously we are talking about another part of the world, where getting to that level will take time, but all indications are that it is heading in that direction.”

“In the late 1980s Iran enjoyed a privileged relationship with Argentina for beef exports. Iran saw this as an opportunity to infiltrate spies posing as cultural attachés who came to ensure that the meat complied with Islamic ‘halal’ dietary certification, but they really came to support the financial and logistical mechanism that enabled the attack perpetrated by Hezbollah,” explained Humire.

Other countries like Nicaragua and Brazil have also explored ties with Iran.

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