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Former NFL Coach Sends Blunt Message to Tony Romo

via ABC

Former Notre Dame and NFL coach Charlie Weis criticized Tony Romo for his commentary during the Super Bowl, stating that Romo ruined the moment by talking too much and not letting viewers savor the game.

Weis expressed frustration with Romo’s analysis and suggested that he should have stayed quiet.

Charlie Weis said, “I listen to the end of the game and listened to Tony Romo ruin the moment. Just shut up and let us savor the moment. Just be quiet. Nantz had already said, ‘Jackpot.’ That should have been the end of the (conversation).”

“I try to watch the game and not let the announcers ruin the game for me. There are some announcers I really enjoy listening to. But then there’s announcers where if I have to listen, I’d rather go to the bathroom and throw up,” he continued.

“(Sunday) that was one of the times where I preferred not to listen to the announcers and watch the game,” added the former coach.

Romo’s description of the NFL overtime rules and his instant analysis of the game-winning score also received backlash online.

Despite some positive moments during the broadcast, Romo faced heavy criticism for his performance in the final minutes of the game.

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