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Conservative Charlie Kirk Helped Oust RNC’s Ronna McDaniel

via PBS
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Charlie Kirk, the conservative activist, successfully ousted Ronna McDaniel as the Republican National Committee Chairwoman with support from Donald Trump.

Kirk’s organization, Turning Point USA, has seen significant fundraising success, but his actions have raised concerns in Trump’s circle.

Criticisms of Kirk’s comments on race have led to internal tensions, with some accusing him of prioritizing Turning Point’s financial interests over party goals.

“I’ve got to say, racism is like the word ‘ugly.’ I can’t always describe it, but I know it when I see it,” pastor Darrell Scott said. “That boy’s a racist right there.”

The notion that Kirk isn’t in “great standing with both my father and the entire Trump campaign” is “nothing more than fiction coming from people jealous of the close relationship Charlie has built with our family,” Donald Trump Jr. said.

“Frankly, it’s sad that there are some people attempting to increase their own relevancy by manufacturing lies that Charlie is on the outs,” he said. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Kirk’s push for change within the RNC, including endorsing new party leaders, has sparked debates within the Republican Party.

“When you take on the RNC, you’re bound to make a few enemies,” Turning Point spokesperson Andrew Kolvet said.

“But there will be no more business as usual, and President Trump supports and champions that,” he added. “We are his greatest defenders and Charlie’s relationship with the president remains excellent.”

“It’s not about anything other than winning,” Kolvet said.

Concerns have been raised about Turning Point’s involvement in data operations and potential conflicts of interest.

“Charlie’s had it in for her for a long time. And Tyler as well,” RNC committeeman Oscar Brock said. “There was only one person whose influence mattered in this deal.”

“Turning Point probably played a 10% role in getting members to be like, ‘We’ve got to get rid of Ronna,’” a former senior RNC official said. “But I do think in Trump’s orbit, and with Don Jr. and those types of people, I think they played a humongous role.”

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