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CDC Plans to Cancel Coronavirus Isolation Guidelines

via NBC
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Reports indicate the CDC is planning to update its COVID-19 isolation guidance to no longer require five days of isolation for those who test positive.

Officials say most people now have immunity from prior infection or vaccination.

The new approach would recommend patients review their own symptoms and decide when to return to normal activities, rather than a blanket five-day isolation, if they have been fever-free for 24 hours without medication and symptoms are mild and improving.

“The agency is loosening its covid isolation recommendations for the first time since 2021 to align it with guidance on how to avoid transmitting flu and RSV, according to four agency officials and an expert familiar with the discussions,” the report stated.

“You are likely most infectious during these first 5 days,” the CDC stated.

Some experts say recommendations need to be realistic for what people are willing to do.

“Public health has to be realistic,” infectious disease expert Michael T. Osterholm said.

“In making recommendations to the public today, we have to try to get the most out of what people are willing to do. … You can be absolutely right in the science and yet accomplish nothing because no one will listen to you,” Osterholm said.

The CDC faced criticism in the past for delays in revising guidelines to reflect vaccination status and for potentially being financially motivated with shortened quarantine periods.

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