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Bobulinski Attorney Hits Back on Dems’ ‘Abusive Conduct’

via FOX
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The attorney for Tony Bobulinski, a former Hunter Biden business associate who testified in a closed-door deposition to the House Oversight Committee, expressed concerns about alleged “witness intimidation” and “mischaracterizations” his client faced from Democratic members.

The GOP chair accused Democrats of yelling at and calling Bobulinski a liar.

Rep. Comer claimed he had “never seen such witness intimidation.”

“They were pointing. They were yelling. They were calling Tony Bobulinski a liar. They were telling him to shut up,” revealed Comer.

Bobulinski’s lawyer, Stefan Passantino, rebutted the Democratic ranking member’s claims that Bobulinski provided no evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement, stating the transcript will show otherwise.

Passantino wrote to Rep. Raskin, “First, it is categorically false to assert that Mr. Bobulinski failed to ‘provide any evidence at all that President Biden was involved in his family’s business dealings’ or that he did not testify that ‘Joe Biden was not part of [the Biden family’s] business structure.'”

“Mr. Bobulinski’s testimony and motivations for coming forward will soon be available for all to see, and false mischaracterizations will have no place in this debate,” Passantino contiuned.

Rep. Raskin said, “Unable to support his claims against President Biden with any evidence, Mr. Bobulinski accused multiple FBI agents of lying in their Form FD-302 report, accused The Wall Street Journal of lying in their reporting which dismissed Mr. Bobulinski’s claims, accused [former Trump White House aide] Cassidy Hutchinson of lying, and accused his former business partners as well as nine of Republicans’ own witnesses of lying because they have affirmed that Joe Biden was not involved in his son’s business ventures.”

“Mr. Bobulinski will vigorously defend his honor, reputation, and patriotism against all who choose to ignore the facts and deflect from the truth by issuing falsehoods and engaging in rank character assassination,” promised Passantino.

He added, “The truth is coming — and those who choose to knowingly perpetuate false narratives by dishonestly attacking Mr. Bobulinski will find themselves on the wrong side of history.”

Passantino defended Bobulinski’s character and patriotism, saying false narratives attacking him will be contradicted when the facts are known.

The deposition addressed allegations of Biden family influence peddling with Chinese firms, with Republicans asserting Joe Biden had knowledge and involvement.

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