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GOP Rep. Slams Mayorkas: ‘No Intention of Enforcing the Laws of the Land’

via NBC
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Representative Jodey Arrington criticized Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in an interview, explaining that impeachment was the proper course of action.

Arrington argued that Mayorkas and the Biden administration had misled the American people by first claiming the border was secure and under control, and then later calling it a crisis for political convenience.

He said Mayorkas had no intention of enforcing immigration laws or fulfilling his oath to secure the border.

Rep. Arrington said, “Well, I think the games have been played by this administration.”

“I mean, they have said the border was secure that they had operational control of the border no one believed them. They’ve now changed to call it a crisis because it’s politically convenient for them. Look what we did Maria to impeach Mayorkas was for the reasons that have been obvious to the American people for three years, that guy had no intention of enforcing the laws of the land,” he continued.

“He didn’t fulfill his sacred oath to his security mission to guard and control the border,” explained the lawmaker.

“And as I said, he misled the American people. People got hurt. There was serious and systemic entry to society. That’s why we have impeachment, and our fidelity regardless of what happens in the Senate, by the way, our fidelity is to the Constitution, and to the first and most important job of the federal government which is to protect our citizens,” concluded Arrington.

As a result, Arrington stated people had been hurt and there was serious unlawful entry into the country.

He maintained that impeachment was warranted because officials are not upholding their constitutional duty to protect citizens.

Arrington’s fidelity, he said, is to the Constitution and ensuring the federal government’s top priority of safeguarding the public is carried out.

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