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Top Cardinal: Vatican Must Stop Bowing to ‘LGBT and Woke Ideology’

via FOX
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Cardinal Gerhard Müller criticized the Vatican’s decision to bless gay couples, stating that it “relativizes the truth and cheapens grace.”

He expressed concern over the Vatican’s reversal of its previous position and emphasized the need to adhere to the word of God and the Catechism, rather than embracing what he referred to as “wrong LGBT and woke ideology.”

Cardinal Müller said, “You can betray yourself, you can betray the others, but nobody can betray God.”

Müller continued, “I think with all these interviews and interpretations of the interpretation of interpretations, things are not getting better.”

“Go back to the clarity of the word of God, and what is said in the Catechism, and not this bowing down to this absolutely wrong LGBT and woke ideology,” insisted the cardinal.

“That is not modern; that is a falling back to the old paganism,” warned Müller.

“You see it in the old pagan Greek, Roman and Persian world: Everybody, everywhere allowed homosexual acts and sexual relations with minors, and they had not this high standard of morality given in the Ten Commandments,” he explained.

Müller said Catholics “are not brought to the Church by relativizing the truth and cheapening grace, but by the unadulterated Gospel of Christ.”

“What is needed is a real turning away from sin and a full conversion to the Lord,” suggested the cardinal.

Müller stressed the importance of upholding the Gospel of Christ and promoting genuine repentance and conversion, rather than “trivializing sin” through such blessings.

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