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Musk’s Outburst: CEO Rages Against ‘Disney’s DEI Gestapo’

via CNBC Television
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Elon Musk criticized Disney’s recent content and its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies, calling them “racist, sexist,” and “discriminatory laws.”

He claimed that navigating the DEI guidelines would hinder the creative process, stating that it crushes the creative spirit.

The “DEI minefield” will “crush the creative process,” Musk wrote.

DEI “crushes the creative spirit of someone who just wants to make great art!” Musk said.

“Walt Disney would despise Bob Iger,” he said.

Musk also referred to Disney’s diversity programs as being enforced by a “DEI Gestapo.”

The criticism aligns with his previous views on DEI, which he has labeled as ineffective and counterproductive.

In contrast, Mark Cuban has defended diversity efforts, arguing that they maximize value from employees and understand customers, suggesting that leading companies have succeeded because of DEI.

“Why do you think they have done so well in spite of their DEI programs?” Cuban asked.

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