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Boris Johnson: Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview as ‘Straight Out of Hitler’s Playbook’

via The Independent
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Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticized Tucker Carlson for his interview with Vladimir Putin, likening it to interviews conducted with Adolph Hitler in 1940.

Johnson accused Carlson of being a “traitor to journalism” and a “stooge of the tyrant,” expressing disappointment in his approach.

“I pray that the people of the U.S. are able to see through last night’s unholy charade of an interview. I know how many U.S. congress men and women have been fans of Tucker Carlson, and I say: remember Charles Lindbergh, remember the America Firsters, remember how many American legislators at first opposed involvement in the war with Hitler,” Johnson wrote.

“Well, they were wrong then, and the Tucker Carlsonites are grievously wrong about Putin today. To all those Republicans who are currently blocking aid to Ukraine, I say, for God’s sake remember who you are,” he said.

Putin had accused Johnson of obstructing a peace deal between Moscow and Kyiv during the early days of the war in 2022.

Johnson vehemently defended his stance on Ukraine, comparing Putin’s actions to Hitler’s and urging U.S. legislators to support Ukraine.

The heated exchange came as Putin claimed that Johnson urged Ukraine to withdraw from peace negotiations in Istanbul, an accusation that has been previously made by Moscow.

The situation underscores the ongoing tensions between the involved parties and the complexity of international relations amidst the conflict in Ukraine.

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