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Abandoned Puppies Rescued by Good Samaritans in Freezing Temperatures

via CBC News: The National
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A litter of puppies was rescued from under an abandoned house in Missouri after a four-hour effort by volunteers from the Kansas City Protective Animal Welfare Society (KC PAWS).

The breed of the puppies is unknown, but they may be part German shepherd, Akita, or husky.

“It was extremely difficult for us to move around in the small space, [but] the puppies were able to move around freely,” KC PAWS Director Michelle Lascon said.

The rescue was challenging as the puppies were scared and kept running away, but they were eventually brought to safety.

The mother of the litter was found two days later and is described as sweet and happy to be saved.

“She was finally spotted [and] within 24 hours, we had her!” KC PAWS officials said.

“Once caught, she was so sweet and happy to be saved and warm!”

The puppies are doing well and will be available for adoption soon.

“They are all scheduled for spays and neuters this week and then will be ready for their forever homes,” Lascon said. “As well as the mom.”

KC PAWS highlighted the issue of stray dogs struggling in freezing weather and emphasized the importance of responsible pet ownership.

“Unfortunately, we see stray dogs trying to survive outside on their own a lot, due to the massive overpopulation of pets in our country and the lack of responsible homes available for them,” Lascon said.

“We are just glad we were able to get this family to safety before it got even colder outside,” she added.

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