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‘World’s Sexiest Athlete’ Alica Schmidt Turned Down Six-Figure Endorsement Deal

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Alica Schmidt, known as the “World’s Sexiest Athlete,” prioritizes herself as an athlete over a model, refusing a lucrative endorsement deal despite financial challenges in track and field.

She emphasized the difficulty for German track and field athletes to make a living and acknowledges that social media income isn’t enough.

Schmidt’s decision to decline a six-figure deal reflects her commitment to authenticity and avoiding superficial endorsements, contrasting with athletes who promote products they don’t believe in solely for financial gain.

“Two months ago I received an offer from a well-known brand. But I wasn’t 100 percent behind it,” Schmidt said. “I don’t feel comfortable with that. That would have been in the mid to high six figures for a campaign.”

“In principle, I have to say that it is not easy for most German track and field athletes to make a living from sport,” she said.

“Of course there is money to be made through competitions. In most competitions you don’t make any money. Personally, I couldn’t live on these amounts alone, because for many competitions you still have travel and hotel costs, which aren’t always covered,” she said.

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