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Transgender Woman Loses Lawsuit After Ex Did the Unthinkable

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Brianna Kingsley, a transgender in Michigan, sued an ex-boyfriend for discarding Kingsley’s surgically removed testicles, demanding their return and $6,500 in damages.

The ex countered, claiming humiliation and tossing out the testicles.

“We’re talking about my nuts. … I wanted them in my fridge — not his,” Kingsley said. “The damages were the loss of these nuts.”

The judge denied both claims, citing difficulty in assessing damages.

“I can put a dollar amount on, say, if you were missing work at $16 an hour,” District Judge Jeremy Bowie said. “But as to testicles, I can’t really put a number on it.”

“We allow a one-time visit with a sheriff’s officer in situations like that for people to go back to get their belongings,” Bowie said.

Kingsley had an opportunity to retrieve the testicles but failed to do so.

“Ms. Kingsley failed to retrieve the testicles from the refrigerator at that time. … If they were so important to her, she had the opportunity to grab them, and she didn’t,” Bowie said.

The ex mentioned they were rotting in his fridge and that Kingsley didn’t store them properly.

“They were rotting in my fridge, and it was disgusting — I’ve got food in there I wanted to eat,” the boyfriend said. “She didn’t keep them in a biohazard container like she was supposed to.”

The judge noted that the state covered Kingsley’s surgery costs and that Kingsley won’t be unjustly enriched.

The two met on Facebook, moved in together, and broke up. Kingsley stored the testicles in the fridge as a coping mechanism.

The judge allowed the ex to deny Kingsley entry due to previous access.

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