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CNN Panel Roasts Trump For Only Talking About Himself

via CBS News
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CNN and MSNBC cut away from former President Trump’s comments after a Supreme Court hearing, with CNN’s panel finding his remarks more focused on himself than the actual legal matters.

CNN’s Jake Tapper and panelist George Conway laughed at Trump’s comments, with Conway suggesting Trump only wanted to talk about himself.

“OK, I think we’ve gotten all the legal analysis we’re going to get out of President Trump,” Jake Tapper said.

“It’s odd there, because this was actually an opportunity,” Tapper said.

“He wants to talk about himself, he doesn’t want to talk about the Supreme Court and say, ‘Oh, the Supreme Court did a nice job today,’” Conway said. “He just wants to talk about what’s on his mind.”

“Someone didn’t tell him that this sounded like good news for him, today, clearly. It wasn’t just the rambling, sort of campaign speech, but if he had simply listened to the analysis afterwards, he would know that it sounds like he’s in good shape,” CNN’s Jamie Gangel said.

The networks briefly aired Trump’s comments but cut away multiple times, with CNN returning to discuss Supreme Court analysis and MSNBC citing concerns about airing “lies.”

“I’m being told that I need to… interrupt you because former President Trump is taking questions,” Tapper said.

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