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Trump Earns Endorsement Of International Police Union Organization

via CNN
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Former President Donald Trump received an endorsement from the International Association of Police Unions (IUPA), which highlighted his support for law enforcement and criticized Democrat policies.

The group expressed concerns about the impact of left-wing Democratic policies on law enforcement and endorsed Trump for his ability to address these issues effectively.

“Much of the Democrat’s doctrine supports defunding the police; favors sanctuary cities, open borders, and reduced accountability for criminal behavior. The tragic result is apparent in those cities who have embraced these policies — the unfortunate forced businesses closures and plight that followed,” IUPA said.

“Roving gangs are terrorizing retail businesses, raiding them with absolute impunity, akin to a thousand years past — regressive rather than their own progressive ideology. They have not dealt with the consequences of their own failed strategies, while we have all suffered,” the IUPA said.

“We firmly believe that Donald Trump can and will address these issues effectively, while reinstating the confidence of a safe and prosperous United States of America,” they added.

Democratic senators have distanced themselves from President Joe Biden despite supporting his agenda, with some refraining from featuring him prominently in their campaigns.

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