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Putin Rips Schumer Over Ukraine: ‘Don’t You Have Anything Better To Do?’

via NBC

Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to Senator Chuck Schumer’s remarks about continued U.S. support for Ukraine during an interview with Tucker Carlson.

Putin questioned the necessity of American soldiers fighting in Ukraine, emphasizing the potential for a serious global conflict and highlighting domestic challenges in the United States, such as border issues, migration, and national debt.

“I do not understand why American soldiers should fight in Ukraine,” Putin said.

He expressed skepticism about the U.S. involvement in Ukraine and suggested that the U.S. should focus on addressing its internal concerns instead.

“If somebody has the desire to send regular troops, that would certainly bring humanity to the brink of very serious global conflict. This is obvious.”

“Do the United States need this? What for? Thousands of miles away from your national territory. Don’t you have anything better to do? You have issues on the border, issues with migration, issues with the national debt, more than 33 trillion dollars,” he said.

“You have nothing better to do so you should fight in Ukraine?”

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