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Biden Calls Trump ‘Existential Threat’ As Anti-Israel Protesters Block 5th Avenue

via The Independent
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President Biden referred to former President Trump as an “existential threat” during a fundraiser in New York City, emphasizing the need to prevent Trump from undoing the administration’s work.

The president also highlighted the environment as the world’s sole existential threat.

“There is one existential threat: it’s Donald Trump,” Biden said.

“He’ll try to undo everything we’ve done… We can’t let that happen,” he said. “There is only one existential threat we face in the world: and that’s the environment.”

Meanwhile, anti-Israel protesters disrupted the event, expressing opposition to Biden’s support for Israel’s actions in response to Hamas attacks.

“I’m not even supposed to be here right now. I called out just to make sure I didn’t miss this,” one protester said. “We will not let this warmonger drive around our streets and our city like he is not causing death and destruction in our name.”

“While he is in our city, he will feel nothing but disruptions,” he added.

Despite the disruption, the fundraising events continued as planned, with Biden expressing concerns about a potential return of Trump to power.

“Imagine the nightmare of Trump’s return,” Biden said. “You’re the reason Donald Trump is a defeated former president. And you’re the reason we’ll make Donald Trump a loser again.”

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