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GOP Says Biden Has All The Power He Needs To Control The Border. Are They Right?

via CNBC
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Congressional Republicans argue that President Biden has the authority to address the U.S.-Mexico border crisis without additional legislation, while a bipartisan deal to expand his powers faces challenges.

However, the situation is complex, requiring changes to immigration laws and increased funding.

The proposed $118 billion bill aims to overhaul the asylum system and provide additional funding for border enforcement.

“President Biden needs Congress to be able to address the situation at the border,” lawyer Kathleen Bush-Joseph said. “That is the simplest way to put it.”

Biden has taken various unilateral actions on immigration, but the number of crossings continues to rise.

While some policies have been successful, others remain tied up in litigation.

“Just months ago, Republicans were asking for this exact bill to deal with the border, to provide support for Ukraine and Israel. And now it’s there. And they’re saying, ‘Nevermind. Nevermind,'” Biden said.

“If you give extraordinary authority to the very architect of the catastrophe, it will do no good,” House Speaker Mike Johnson said.

“Biden has the power to end the border crisis without Congress. He just doesn’t want to,” Rep. Elise Stefanik wrote.

Shutting down the border entirely, however, would have significant economic and legal implications.

Reinstating certain Trump-era policies faces legal hurdles and requires cooperation from other countries.

The bipartisan bill has garnered support but is criticized for being too restrictive.

“Just point blank, that Biden could do this on his own is just not true. There’s simply not enough asylum officers,” immigration attorney Taylor Levy said.

President Biden has urged Congress to provide the necessary tools to manage the border crisis and questioned Republicans’ stance on the issue in relation to Trump.

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