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Bill Maher Slams Biden: ‘The President Can Fix This. This Is All So Silly’

via Jimmy Kimmel Live
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On HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher criticized President Joe Biden for suggesting the need for a new law to address the border, arguing that existing laws already provide the necessary authority.

Maher highlighted Republican opposition to a current bill, suggesting that some conservatives don’t want the immigration issue resolved.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu also emphasized Biden’s power to influence immigration policy.

“Republicans act like they want to solve this, but the Democrats called their bluff. There is a bill right now that, a lot of them, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), some pretty conservative senators, saying, this is as good a deal as you’re going to get. They don’t want it, because they don’t want this issue to be solved. Because they need it as an issue,” Maher said.

“Joe Biden has a lot of power to change a lot of policy and affect the immigration issue,” Sununu said.

Maher underscored that the President has the ability to address the border situation without requiring new legislation, referencing President Obama’s use of existing immigration laws for deportations.

“That’s true. That’s my other — I was going to say, part two of the acting is Joe Biden saying, you know what? If you just give me a new law. A new law? Why doesn’t — the President can fix this,” Maher said.

“He already has the existing laws. This is all so silly. I need a piece of paper from Congress to deal with the border. No, you already have that.”

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