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Nikki Haley Leads Donald Trump in Donations from Federal Lobbyists

via Fox News
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Nikki Haley leads in donations from federal lobbyists, with 65 lobbyists contributing over $106,000 to her campaign or PACs in 2023, compared to 8 lobbyists who donated nearly $42,000 to Trump.

Haley has received support from foreign lobbyists, despite publicly opposing foreign lobbying.

This includes donations from individuals representing foreign entities.

Donald Trump Jr. has criticized establishment support for Haley, suggesting that they seek a candidate they can control, contrasting them with his father’s stance on issues like China and American manufacturing.

“The Republican establishment, which does not represent the Republican or at least the conservative base in America anymore, they want an alternative [to] Trump because they want that control,” Trump Jr. said.

“They want to be able to do nothing. They want to not be able to deliver; they want to be soft on China, because there’s a couple of the billionaire donors are saying, ‘Oh, you know, we can be tough on China and in name only, but it’s going to cost us half a cent on our widget if we actually make something in America or support American manufacturing, so we can’t actually do that.'”

“And so you see it, it’s controlled by the donor base,” he said.

“The same people that used to support DeSantis because they thought he was the guy to take out Trump so that they can have their dancing monkey in the White House – someone who needs them, who needs their dollars – they flipped over to Nikki Haley, and they’re trying to make that the last hope so that they can have that kind of control,” he said.

“It’s really sad, because that’s what this is about.”

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