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Chilling Warning From Ex-CIA Official Over Increased Border Activity by Iranian Proxies

via Joe Kent
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Republican congressional candidate Joe Kent, a former CIA operative and retired Army Special Forces Chief Warrant Officer, has expressed concerns about the infiltration of Iranian proxies through the southern border, linking them to potential future terror attacks.

Kent’s assertions align with recent claims by Republican lawmakers, including Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, who anticipate another terror attack on U.S. soil.

Kent, who lost his wife to a suicide bombing in Syria, is running against incumbent Democrat Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez and is advocating for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and Syria to counter Iran’s proxy warfare.

“Iran fights by proxies. Their proxies have definitely infiltrated our wide-open southern border,” Kent said.

“Iran has most certainly already penetrated our borders. We’ve got to get serious about securing our border and starting to track down, locate and deport all the people that have penetrated our borders,” he added.

“I am 100% certain that we are going to suffer another terror attack on U.S. soil and you’re going to be able to trace it back to this,” Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick said.

“(Perez) fully supports agenda of giving Iran untold billions and billions of dollars, while at the same time voting to leave our southern border wide open in lockstep with the most radical wing of the Democratic Party,” Kent said. “She is absolutely incapable of defending the country.”

“Let’s get our troops out of there. Let the Iranians declare victory and say, ‘Oh, we drove America out.’ Let them have that temporary victory. And then once our forces are out away from striking distance, then we can strike back against Iranian Quds Force officers, their special operators and against Iranian proxy groups in Iraq and Syria.”

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