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Psaki Sounds Off: Trump vs. Biden Is A Showdown of Spectacle Versus Substance

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In a recent monologue, MSNBC host Jen Psaki compared former President Donald Trump to Hitler and highlighted the contrast between President Joe Biden and his potential general election opponent.

She urged Republicans to consider nominating Nikki Haley or someone other than Trump, who is facing serious legal challenges.

Psaki emphasized the difference between spectacle and substance in the election, pointing out Trump’s legal troubles and Biden’s focus on issues like abortion bans and economic news.

“I do want to begin today with what has been a week of head-spinning developments in the race for president because no matter how long Nikki Haley stays in this race, it will mark — this week will mark the start of the general election. Because this week, the frame of how Joe Biden and Donald Trump will make their case to the American people started to really take shape,” Psaki said.

“It is spectacle versus substance. Chaos, as Nikki Haley would put it and has put it a number of times, versus normalcy. The thing is, one of those things may be more exciting, more headline-grabbing. But the other is actually more focused on what the majority of the American public care about.”

“So, let’s dig into this split screen of this past week for a moment, starting on a New York City courtroom on Friday night, where the spectacle candidate — I bet you know the one — Donald Trump, was ordered to pay over $83 million in damages to writer E. Jean Carroll, after he was found liable for sexually assaulting and then defaming her,” she said.

“Now, before I go any further, we just need to pause on what exactly that means. The leading candidate for the Republican nomination, who will win the nomination barring something crazy happen, who has already been found liable for sexually assaulting a woman in a dressing room, has spent the last several months continuing to relentlessly attack her story, her credibility, and her character.”

“And this judgment was decided by a jury, made up of nine ordinary citizens — we’ve all gotten those notices in the mail. Not George Soros, not Joe Biden, not Jack Smith, nine ordinary people decided $83 million was the right dollar amount to award E. Jean Carroll.”

“Now there are political implications to this, no doubt. There are also legal questions, important ones, surrounding Donald Trump’s liquidity and what he will be required to pay, and what he can pay. We’re going to talk about all of that.”

“But nothing is more important than those simple facts I just laid out. And Trump chose to attend this trial this week. He didn’t have to, because to him, the courtroom is an asset, not a vulnerability. The spectacles all part of the strategy. It’s a large part of the case he’s been making to voters during the Republican primary.”

She questioned which approach would be more appealing to voters in the upcoming election.

“In a bit of a different general election strategy, back on planet normalcy here, Biden kicked off the week by condemning abortion bans. He then celebrated great economic news, and he received an important endorsement from the United Autoworkers Union,” Psaki said.

“It’s quite a different approach here, I think it’s safe to say, than that of his likely challenger.”

“This week alone really showed us the contrast at the center of this election. On one side, there is the chaos theory, turning the courtroom into a campaign, revving up the worst instincts of the Republican base by playing the victim card, when you are attacking the woman you assaulted, telling people that the system is broken, and that you are the only one who can fight it,” Psaki said.

“On the other side, there is normalcy, steadiness, and perhaps most importantly, a focus on the country and not on yourself.”

“The big question now is which side will be more appealing to the people in just about half a dozen swing states come November?”

“The thing is, there’s also an off-ramp for Republicans. They have two choices right now in the primary. They could nominate a conservative former governor and former U.N. ambassador who happens to be a woman, or the guy who is liable for sexual assaults, liable for defamation, liable for fraud and is still facing four criminal indictments and 91 felony counts.”

“It seems unlikely, at this point — they’ve given no indication at least — that they will take that off-ramp. But if they don’t, the challenge is that this strategy, based on chaos in the courtroom and echoing off Adolf Hitler every chance it gets, may not be as appealing to the broader electorate of voters Trump would need to lend himself back in the Oval Office,” she said.

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