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Democrat Rep Admits Biden ‘Late’ and ‘Slow’ to Act on Border, But We Want to Act Now

via Rep. Moskowitz
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Rep. Jared Moskowitz criticized Republicans for rejecting a reported border deal while acknowledging the slow response of the Biden administration and Democrats to address border issues.

He accused Republicans of using the border situation for political gain and highlighted the need to address fentanyl trafficking, undocumented individuals, and potential terrorists entering the country.

Moskowitz expressed frustration with the political dynamics, stating that both parties have contributed to the current situation, leading to public dissatisfaction with Washington.

“The speaker said no because Donald Trump said no. The speaker is Donald Trump’s no boy on this subject. Look, I’ll give Republicans credit for a second. They have been highlighting the border for a long time, and we were late to start addressing it,” Moskowitz said.

“But now that we want to address it, now that we want to lower the amount of fentanyl coming in, now that we want to deal with nondocumented folks, now that we want to deal with supposed terrorists potentially coming into the country, now, the Republicans, controlled by one man, are saying, no, no, no, we need this for the next ten months, we need more of it, in fact, for the next ten months, so that we can use it in an election.”

“Both things are true here. This is why people hate Washington. Both things are true, the Biden administration and Democrats were slow, but now that we’re here at the table, Republicans are like, no, no, let’s walk away,” he said.

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