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Biden Is Taking A Gamble With His Immigration Strategy. The Odds Aren’t Looking Good

via CBS
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President Joe Biden is facing a significant dilemma regarding immigration policy, which could impact his chances of re-election in 2024.

While he has pressure from his base to fulfill promises on immigration reform, there is also a growing sentiment among U.S. adults for tougher measures on immigration.

Biden’s potential strategy to align with more moderate and Republican voters has caused rifts within the Democratic Party, particularly among progressives and Latino communities.

“I believe we need significant policy changes at the border, including changes in our asylum system to ensure that we have authorities we need to control the border,” Biden said.

Despite potential backlash, Biden seems to be banking on immigration not being a decisive issue for his base, instead focusing on other key areas.

However, this approach is not without risk, particularly given the increasing importance of the Latino electorate.

“We’re going to hurt immigrant communities and a progressive base that needs to see a difference between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on immigration,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal said.

“There is clearly a difference on many other things [between Biden and Trump], but on immigration, which is the issue that animates a lot of folks in our progressive base and certainly immigrants in Georgia and Arizona … this is going to hurt us,” Jayapal added. “Because we’re not going to actually solve the problem that needs to be solved.”

The president’s decision to potentially align with a more conservative stance on immigration could have significant repercussions, alienating some of his key supporters.

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