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Trump’s Tsunami: Another GOP Record Broken Amid Surge in Voters

via Washington Post
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In the New Hampshire primary, former President Donald Trump secured victory with a record turnout, signaling his ability to motivate voters.

The GOP primary turnout surpassed previous records, with many non-Republicans participating.

Trump’s polarizing effect was evident, leading to high voter mobilization.

“He’s picking right up where he left off in 2020, which saw the highest turnout in generations,” Democrat political strategist Tom Bonier said.

“New Hampshire was the first test of how that might have evolved, as an open primary and an opponent providing an outlet for anti-Trump voters to register their opposition. And it appears that, if anything, Trump is more polarizing than ever, mobilizing both supporters and opponents in potentially record-setting numbers.”

“This is definitely a high turnout,” Bedford town councilor Bill Carter said. “More than we see in town and state elections.”

Lines at polling locations and a swift victory announcement characterized the event.

Despite spending heavily, Trump’s opponent, Nikki Haley, faced pressure to exit the race after Trump’s decisive win, solidifying his position as the Republican nominee.

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