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Ron DeSantis’ Anti-LGBTQ+ Agenda Didn’t Work Nationally, But It’s Working In Florida

via CNBC
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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who recently suspended his GOP presidential nomination campaign, has remained focus on attacking the LGBTQ+ community.

Despite ending his presidential bid, worries persist about his impact on LGBTQ+ rights in Florida, where he has signed several anti-LGBTQ+ bills.

“Thank God he’s not going to be at the helm of our country,” Florida resident Simone Chriss said of DeSantis.

“The other side of me was like, ‘He’s not distracted now and campaigning and traveling and focused on the presidency. He’s going to have all of his volatility and hostility and whatever motivates him just to laser focus back on Florida.’”

Advocates and individuals are troubled by the potential consequences, including restricted access to gender-affirming care and the exodus of people seeking such care.

“I don’t think we can take much more,” Chriss said. “I don’t think the trans community here can take many more blows. It’s terrifying to think that it could actually get worse given how bad it already is.”

“It was just the most insane time,” Chriss said. “I felt so helpless and hopeless because I was challenging two out of so many laws that had just gone into effect that were literally eroding the ability of trans folks to just exist in this state.”

“They’ve just had their legs cut out from under them by a state that pretends it cares about parents,” Chriss said of parents.

The laws have significantly increased the workload for civil rights lawyers, impacting their personal lives.

Notably, the legislation has forced some individuals to pursue alternative and potentially risky healthcare options.

The impact of these laws extends beyond healthcare, affecting daily activities such as bathroom use, leading to concerning consequences for trans kids.

The overall environment has led to a sense of displacement and cultural erosion within the queer community.

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