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Red State Governors Stand with Texas in Border Fight with Biden Administration

via FOX
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Red State Governors are supporting Texas in its defiance of the Biden administration over the border crisis.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott invoked the state’s constitutional authority for self-defense against the border invasion.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis expressed their support for Texas.

“President Biden has instructed his agencies to ignore federal statutes that mandate the detention of illegal immigrants. The failure of the Biden Administration to fulfill the duties imposed by Article IV, § 4 has triggered Article I, § 10, Clause 3, which reserves to this State the right of self-defense,” the statement read.

“For these reasons, I have already declared an invasion under Article I, § 10, Clause 3 to invoke Texas’s constitutional authority to defend and protect itself.”

“That authority is the supreme law of the land and supersedes any federal statutes to the contrary,” the statement added.

“Oklahoma stands with Texas,” Gov. Kevin Stitt said.

DeSantis has a history of assisting Texas in managing the border crisis.

“If the Constitution really made states powerless to defend themselves against an invasion, it wouldn’t have been ratified in the first place and Texas would have never joined the union when it did,” Gov. DeSantis said.

“TX is upholding the law while Biden is flouting it,” he added. “FL will keep assisting Texas with personnel and assets.”

Abbott urged other state governors to send law enforcement personnel and resources to the Rio Grande.

Many online observers called for more Republican governors to assist Texas in securing the border.

“Red State Governors have a chance to show the world who the Democrats are now,” Robby Starbuck said. “They must take action. Deploy EVERY National Guard to Texas. Biden and the Democrats will try to seize control of them. This will prove once & for all that they want open borders and a dictatorship.”

“Biden & every democrat supports the invasion of our nation,” Joe Kent said. “10 mil illegals have entered for every 1 threat we identify, like the man below, there are many more like him. Red state Governors should send their nat guard to assist Texas, these threats affect the entire nation.”

“The Texas fight is our fight,” Joel Fischer said. “There should be more Republican governors sending down their National Guard to help Texas.”

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