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Hannity Slams Fox Colleague For Fact-Checking Trump: ‘Are You Going Left On Me?’

via FOX
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Sean Hannity and Steve Doocy of Fox & Friends had a heated discussion about former President Donald Trump’s remarks and the New Hampshire GOP primary.

Hannity criticized New Hampshire’s open primary system, claiming it could be manipulated by Democrats.

Doocy fact-checked Trump’s criticism of Nikki Haley and clarified the party-switching deadline.

“There are 300,000 Democrats, 300,000 Republicans, 400,000 independents. If they all show up, they’re going to make a big difference,” Doocy said.

“It definitely is a possibility I don’t happen to like – I love the people in New Hampshire, I love the state of New Hampshire – I don’t like their system. What they call open primary, where people, you know, they were switching in the last number of weeks from Democrat to independent so they can wreak havoc inside the Republican Party,” Hannity said.

“Their thinking is okay if we help one candidate in this case, it would be Nikki Haley get over the hump then. Okay. That’s more money that whoever the inevitable Republican candidate is, it seems like Trump by a long shot. I think if Trump wins this tomorrow by the margins, we’re seeing it is over. I think a question for Nikki Haley, who I think ran a great campaign. Ron DeSantis ran a great campaign all the, you know, all the Monday morning quarterbacks don’t mean a thing to me. He went to all 99 counties, Ron did in Iowa,” he said.

“Ultimate retail politician,” Doocy cut in.

“And he went out. He asked people for a vote in any of the year. What did he have, 21, 22%. That would be a great showing in Iowa, but this I keep saying about Donald Trump that he defies all conventional political gravity,” Hannity said.

“That’s an understatement,” Doocy said.

“Well, to you it is. What’s happened to you, Steve? Are you moving to the left of me? What are you doing?” Hannity jabbed.

“I am screen left right now,” Doocy said, smiling.

The conversation then shifted to Trump’s political gravity and legal troubles.

“That’s true of all the court cases. All of this that’s happened to Donald Trump is not helping him,” co-host Ainsley Earhardt said.

“It’s certainly. That’s where it defies conventional political gravity. You think somebody gets arrested or somebody gets arraigned that, oh, your poll numbers are going to go down,” Hannity said.

Meanwhile, CatholicVote endorsed Trump for president, emphasizing his importance for Catholics and the nation.

President Brian Burch praised Trump’s courage and the people he surrounded himself with, urging Catholics to support Trump in the election.

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