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Fani Willis’ Past Remarks Come Back To Haunt Her

via CBS
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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who previously vowed not to date subordinates, is now facing allegations of a romantic relationship with a special prosecutor, Nathan Wade, whom she hired for the Trump election-interference case.

Video evidence from 2020 shows Willis discussing her commitment to not dating subordinates and addressing the importance of maintaining appropriate workplace conduct.

The allegations of a romantic relationship between Willis and Wade have been supported by filings in a separate divorce case involving Wade and his wife.

“It is saddening to me, if young women felt like they came to work and they were one even judged for being a woman, but two, if suddenly they felt uncomfortable within the workplace, that will not be something that is allowed on my watch supervisors under my leadership that are not encouraging and building up my staff will not be supervisors long in my administration, and I certainly will not be choosing people to date that work under me,” Willis had stated.

“Let me just say that, you know, we are at a place in society where things happen and people’s relationships, husband and wife, sometimes they are outside relationships. I don’t think that that’s what the community is concerned about. Although there you know, there might be a moral breaking in that.”

“I think that what citizens are really really concerned about is if you chose to have inappropriate contact with employees, I mean, there’s nothing that I can say on it, other than it is distracting. It is certainly inappropriate for the number one law enforcement officer in this state. And it just it really, really saddens me and it will be very unfortunate if the taxpayers of this community have to pay for any of those lawsuits,” she said.

Willis has not denied the allegations and has instead accused Wade’s wife of obstruction and racism.

Additionally, concerns have been raised about Wade’s prosecutorial experience and his compensation.

Willis is currently attempting to fight a subpoena in response to the allegations.

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