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Biden Administration Pushes Israel for De-escalation in Gaza

via 11Alive
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The Biden White House is pressuring Israel to transition to lower intensity military operations against the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza.

John Kirby, from the National Security Council, stated that they believe it’s the right time for this transition, emphasizing the need for more targeted and precise raids and fewer airstrikes.

While acknowledging Israel’s efforts against Hamas leadership and infrastructure, the White House is advocating for a shift towards a lower intensity phase in the military campaign. (Trending: Hunter Biden’s Art Scheme Exposed By GOP Probe)

“We have been talking to them intensely about a transition to low intensity operations. We believe it’s the right time for that transition, and we’re talking about doing that,” said Kirby.

“Now, they have done some precursory steps to try to kind of get to that point. They were pulling some troops out. They’re relying a little less on air strikes. But we believe that – look, any military campaign, you go through phases,” he continued.

“And the next logical phase here, as they have put pressure on Hamas leadership, is to get to lower intensity operations, more targeted, more precise raids, less air strikes. We believe it’s time to make that transition, and we have had that conversation with them,” explained Biden’s security advisor.

“They have gone after that leadership. They have been able to go after some of the resourcing and infrastructure that Hamas uses to conduct these attacks,” said Kirby.

“We’re not saying, let your foot up off the gas completely and don’t keep going after Hamas. It’s still a viable threat. They have every right and responsibility to go after that. It’s just that we believe the time is coming here very, very soon for a transition to this lower intensity phase,” he concluded.

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