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Marjorie Taylor Greene Threatens to Oust Speaker Mike Johnson over Spending Deal with Chuck Schumer

via CBS
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is threatening to oust Speaker Mike Johnson over his spending framework agreement with President Joe Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

She insists that she will not support any type of continuing resolution and finds the budget deal unacceptable.

“In my meeting with him yesterday and many other members of Congress, I let Speaker Johnson know that in no way, shape and form will I support any type of CR [continuing resolution],” Greene said. (Trending: Trump Responds To Biden’s Bombing In Yemen)

“We aren’t continuing Nancy’s budget, Nancy Pelosi’s budget, and that if he moves forward with a separate deal, trading our border security, weakening H.R. 2 in exchange for $60 billion to Ukraine. I told him yesterday in his office that I would vacate the chair, that that is absolutely unacceptable,” she said.

“And we actually have the power of the purse. We’re the ones that are in control and we need to control the negotiations. I reiterated those same points this morning. So the ball is in his court,” she added.

Despite Greene’s opposition, Speaker Johnson is sticking with the budget deal he struck with Schumer.

“Our top-line agreement remains. We are getting our next steps together, and we are working towards a robust appropriations process. So stay tuned for all of that,” Johnson said.

This has caused tension within the Republican Party, with some members, including Greene and the Freedom Caucus, expressing their displeasure.

However, it is considered unlikely that Johnson will be ousted over this issue.

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