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Inspector General Finds Biden’s EPA Lost Track of Billions of Dollars In Taxpayer Funds

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The EPA failed to report $7 billion in obligations and outlays during fiscal year 2022, leading to misinformation about its spending.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair criticized the EPA for lack of transparency and questioned its ability to manage its budget.

The EPA corrected its figures and made configuration changes in response to the audit, and the inspector general made five recommendations. (Trending: GOP Rep. Mace Clashes Directly With Hunter Biden At Hearing)

The report coincides with the EPA managing a green energy fund and requesting a record-high budget.

There are contrasting views on the agency’s funding and spending priorities, with Republicans aiming to reduce the budget and concerns raised about political goals overshadowing public needs.

“The lack of complete and accurate reporting also led to taxpayers being initially misinformed about the EPA’s spending, and policy-makers who relied on the data may not have been able to effectively track federal spending,” an OIG report read.

“It’s outrageous and unacceptable that the EPA cannot keep track of its spending or inform Congress — and the American people — of how it is using taxpayer dollars,” House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers said.

“This eye-opening report only further highlights the need for more transparency at the EPA.”

“It also raises questions about whether the agency is incapable of managing its record-high budget or if the agency is attempting to hide the amount of taxpayer dollars it is spending to advance the administration’s radical rush-to-green agenda,” she added.

“The Energy and Commerce Committee will continue holding this administration accountable for its actions that are driving up costs across the board and hurting Americans.”

“The Biden administration is using EPA as a pass through for taxpayer dollars to fund left-wing groups that aim to get Democrats elected, not improve the environment,” Heritage Foundation visiting fellow Mandy Gunasekara said.

“A failure to report $7 billion is absurd and unacceptable, but also symbolic of how Team Biden operates: prioritizing their political goals over the needs of the American people,” she added. “I’m glad Chair Rodgers is monitoring this and hope the committee brings forth the agency’s Chief Financial Officer to account for this serious oversight.”

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